Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to My New Blog and 20th Year Celebration Product Giveaway Conetest

Hello. I am Barry Dehart and welcome to my new blog. I am the owner of PlayTime Concepts, a retail store at the Englishtown Flea Market, the largest indoor/outdoor flea market in New Jersey  To celebrate my 20th year in business, I have created an exciting  Playtime Concepts – 20th Year Celebration Product Giveaway Contest to run throughout the month of January 2014.

I will be giving away a free 30 day supply of three outstanding products to three lucky entrants. The first is Giant Delicious Protein Shake, the second is CellFood and the third, Omega Max.

Giant Delicious Protein boasts an amazing delicious taste and texture along with a superior
nutritional composition. Each serving contains a whopping 27g of the highest quality whey & milk proteins with only 4 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fat. In what may be a sports nutrition ‘first’ – Giant Delicious Protein has been reviewed and approved for safety by Dr. Stephen Schmitz, MD, MPH, a board certified physician. Dr. Schmitz also serves on the Giant Sports Products Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board. Giant Delicious Protein was named 2012 product of the year by one of Canada’s leading nutritional supplement retailers.

CellFood is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are directly responsible for the prevention of cellular damage by neutralizing and eliminating free radicals. In a recent study, Cellfood was shown to decrease excess free radical activity by up to 27%. Cellfood also helps detoxify the body and balance pH.  CellFod contains 78 minerals, 34 enzymes, and 17 amino acids, utilizing a proprietary water-splitting technology that provides a powerful stream of bio-available oxygen plus 129 nutrients directly to the cells.

Omega-Max is an amazing Fish Oil supplement known for being
rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Omega-Max provides pure Salmon Fish Oil, (Pure EPA 360mg/DHA 250mg) and is made from natural marine lipid concentrate which may help reduce or inhibit risk factors involved in cardiovascular disease, as well as inflammatory and immune disorders. Long term use of Omega-Max can help prevent menopausal symptoms, promote better circulation, lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, reduce heart related risk, and arthritis.

I love all three of these products and take them myself and am giving away free a three 30 day supply to three lucky entrants. You can’t win unless you enter! To enter, click here.

Here is a little more about me.

My passion for this business is second to none.  The satisfaction I get when I know I can help someone reach their fitness/health goals is incredible.  Whether it be helping clients to lose weight, gain weight or increase energy I have all the correct supplements to help you get there in a healthy and safe manner.  I don't just sell you products to make a sale.  I want my clients to come back because of the success and well-being they get from what I suggest.  I am always hunting around for a product that most retailers don't sell because its not heavenly advertised.  My niche market is to come up with the best product out there that most customers have not heard about and I do this by dealing with smaller companies who generally come out with the best supplements.

Don’t forget to enter my free product giveaway to celebrate my 20th year in business. Enter today!

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